Kenyan Originals Honey & lemon Core Range

Kenyan Originals Honey and Lemon Cider

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Inspired by the traditional Dawa beverage! Our unique Honey Cider is made with all natural Kenyan lemons, honey and ginger. 100% natural. No additives or preservatives. All made in Kenya.

8% ABV in 330ml Format

Available in Can and Bottle Format

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KO Honey & lemon Core Range's originality

fruit varieties in the cider

Honey, Ginger & Lemons from local Kenyan farmers,
Hand squeezed Kenyan Keylimes


Grated ginger, squeezed lemons and a dollop of honey all muddled together


Earthy spice, zingy citrus and vanilla and caramel notes

Serving & Pairing


For a refreshing taste of Kenya, serve Kenyan Originals Honey & Lemon Cider chilled, poured over ice or hot with a slice of lemon

This sweet and spicy cider pairs perfectly with blue cheese, light and flavourful chicken, making it a versatile beverage that’s perfect for any occasion. Try it now and experience the unique flavours of Dawa in every sip!

Craft Cider from Kenya

Kenyan Originals Honey & Lemon Cider is carefully crafted with real ingredients from Kenya. 

We source our Honey, Ginger and Lemon directly from the farmers around Kenya. Kenya is in fact home to the production of much organic honey, of the juicier variety of ginger, and to very strongly scented lemons.

Local Kenyan ingredients that make the Dawa beverage so popular in the country.

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