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Kenyan Originals X BTB Mango and Chilli Cider 330ml

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Floral and flavourful Apple Mangoes from Makueni and bird eye chillies from Kilifi are hand crushed and infused to make a cool refreshing cider. 100% natural. No additives or preservatives. All made in Kenya.
Extra hot edition, available here or in Chandarana exclusively.

8% ABV in 330ml Format

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fruit varieties in the cider

Kenyan Bird Eye Chillies from Kilifi

Apple Mangoes from Makueni


Apple Mangoes, sliced, juiced and infused with hot chilli


Tropical, tangy, spice, floral mango, creamy

Serving & Pairing


For a refreshing taste of Kenya, serve Kenyan Originals Mango & Chilli Cider chilled or poured over ice with with a slice of Mango and a whole Bird’s Eye chilli

This spicy cider pairs perfectly with char grilled meats and vegetables, Sharp cheese, and spicy curry dishes, making it a versatile beverage that’s perfect for any occasion. Try it now and experience the unique blend of sweet and spicy flavours in every sip!

Craft Cider from Kenya

Kenyan Originals Mango & Chilli Cider is carefully crafted with real ingredients from Kenya.

We source our Bird’s Eye Chilli directly from the farmers in Kilifi, a very hot variety which has red beautiful short fruits, with dark green stalks which during harvest are cut just where they meet the stem to leave a long stalk attached to the fruit.

Our Apple Mangoes, with a juicy yellow flesh, excellent flavour and a texture free from fibre, come directly from Makueni, where they represent the main source of income for farmers.

Local Kenyan ingredient for an always fresh Kenyan Originals Mango & Chilli cider.

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