Kenyan Originals Passion Fruit Iced tea

Kenyan Originals Passion Fruit Ice Tea

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Indulge in the taste of Africa with Kenyan Originals (KO) Passion Fruit Iced Tea. Made with the finest black tea from Kericho, and blended with passion fruit from the Kenyan region of Meru, this refreshing iced tea brings you an authentic taste of the tropics. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients and free from additives or preservatives, KO Passion Fruit Iced Tea is a true celebration of Kenyan flavours. Experience the unique blend of fruity and tart flavours with every sip

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Passion Fruit Iced tea's ORIGINALITY

Ingredients in the ICED TEA

Black Tea from Kericho Passion Fruit from Meru


A punchy fruity blend of passion fruit from Kenya and the astringent notes of African tea


Fruity passion fruit

Serving & Pairing


For a refreshing taste of Kenya, serve Kenyan Originals Passion Iced Tea chilled or poured over ice with a half of passion fruit.

This fruity iced tea pairs perfectly with tacos, grilled seafood, sushi, chips, guacamole, making it a versatile beverage that’s perfect for any occasion. Try it now and experience the unique blend of fruity and tart African flavours in every sip!

Craft iced tea from Kenya

Kenyan Originals Passion Fruit Iced Tea is carefully crafted with ingredients from Kenya. 

We source our black tea directly from Kericho, at the edge of the Mau Forest, where the warm and temperate climate make it the perfect location for the cultivation of tea. We get the freshest Passion Fruits from Meru, an ever-green fruit orchard, where the sweetest purple passion fruits grow.

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