Kenyan Originals Rose and Cucumber Tonic

Kenyan Originals Rose and Cucumber Tonic

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Discover the fragrant punch of Africa with Kenyan Originals Rose & Cucumber Tonic. Crafted in Kenya using only natural quinine, real dried rose and cucumber, this refreshing tonic water is infused, blended and canned on-site for the ultimate freshness. Mix it with your favourite KO or 5.8 spirit for an authentic and delicious Kenyan drink. KO tonic contains no preservatives, artificial flavours, or sweeteners, making it the perfect choice for those who want a 100% natural tonic water.

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Rose and Cucumber Tonic's originality

Ingredients in the Tonic

Natural Quinine
Real dried roses
Fresh Crushed Cucumber


A mix of tantalising floral notes paired with refreshing cucumber highlights


Fresh cut roses, 
sweet cucumber

Serving & Pairing


Try KO Rose and Cucumber Tonic with KO Blush Gin with chopped cucumber and dried rose petals.

Gin and KO Rose and Cucumber Tonic pairs perfectly with white fish, especially if lemon marinated.

Craft Cider from Kenya

Kenyan Originals Rose and Cucumber Tonic is carefully crafted with natural ingredients from Africa. 

We source our natural quinine directly from the cinchona trees of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 80% of the world’s quinine originates from. We get real dried roses picked from Naivasha and real crushed Kenyan cucumbers from farmers all over the country.

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